Tommy (Buy a Dog Name)


Status: Available

Gender: Male

State: Out of Area

FA #:

Tag #:

Age: 3-4 years

Date of Birth:


Hair Color: Fawn

Ears: Natural ears

Tail: Natural tail

Reported Good With: Female Dogs

Kids Age Range: Unknown at this time

Message for “Name a Dog” donation:
My son, Thomas, had muscular dystrophy. He was 15 when he passed. This June marks his 19th anniversary. He grew up helping and loving rescues.
– Debra Thomas

Tommy is a 3-4 yr old boy who is currently in Turkey. He was found living on the streets. Tommy must have belonged to a family at one time because he has manners and is a calm boy. He is similar to AABR alum, Duffy, who was rescued prior to the CDC import ban. Tommy has a squishy and sweet face. He absolutely loves people.

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