Sonny (Buy a Dog Name)


Status: Available

Gender: Male

State: Out of Area

FA #:

Tag #:

Age: 3 years

Date of Birth:


Hair Color: Fawn

Ears: Natural ears

Tail: Natural tail

Reported Good With: Female Dogs

Kids Age Range: Unknown at this time

Message for “Name a Dog” donation:
Sonny was named after my dog who recently passed away at 3 years old from cancer. I miss him and I loved him.  Having his name be carried onto another beautiful boy would make me happy.
– Martha DeMaio

Sonny was found in a forest in Turkey where locals abandon unwanted animals. He is a calm boxer and super friendly. Sonny gives kisses and hugs, and he loves humans. He is an all around good boy that likes everybody he meets (with the exception of cats).  Sonny will fly into JFK airport in New York once we find flight volunteers. He will be looking for a foster or adoptive home.

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