Terry (Memorial)


Status: Memorial

Gender: Male

State: Out of Area

FA #:

Tag #:

Age: 10 years

Date of Birth:


Hair Color: Fawn

Ears: Natural ears

Tail: Docked tail

Reported Good With:

Kids Age Range: Unknown at this time

07/28/22 – Memorial
It is with deep sadness that we inform all of our friends that Terry has lost his battle with cancer after only being with us for 3 short weeks. Terry came to us in horrific condition. None of us had been informed or prepared for how neglected he had been until he arrived at his foster home. The suffering and neglect had worn his body down to nothing short of a walking skeleton. After rushing him to an emergency hospital, we received the gut wrenching news that he was riddled with late stage cancer and many tick borne illnesses. His foster mom took the news in stride and promised to make him as happy and comfortable as possible. The moment he arrived at her ranch, he knew he was finally home. Terry made many friends at the ranch over the last three weeks. The resident dogs welcomed him and enjoyed his company. The horses also welcomed him as one of their own. One rescue horse in particular named Star took a special liking to him. She would wait outside his door every morning anticipating his morning outing. She would accompany him on his daily laps through the barns and around the ranch, encouraging him to find strength. Star would also visit him during mealtimes – it was as if she knew he was failing. She always sought to be by his side.

Terry’s foster mom tended to his every need. When he first arrived, she would help him get up – even though he would growl at her. He was a prideful old man. After a few days in her care, he was getting up on his own and patrolling the ranch. He loved car rides. He loved his feedings, which he ate with gusto. Every night before bed, his foster would brush him -he enjoyed that almost as much as going for car rides.

When Terry went back to the vet for a recheck, we were hit once again with news that we weren’t ready to hear. He had fluid in his abdomen once again, which wasn’t a surprise. When the veterinarian attempted to remove the fluid, it showed to be blood. Terry was hemorrhaging. We were informed that he had hours or maybe days left to live. After speaking with his veterinarian, she believed it to be fair to allow him to go back home for one more night. He loved his home, his foster mom, and his friends. He deserved one more night with those he loved and those who loved him the most. The next morning, he woke up just like every other morning. His eyes were bright and Star was waiting outside his door. He ate his breakfast with gusto and was quickly on the move doing his laps around the ranch. He had his dinner and his nightly brushing. He wasn’t ready to go anywhere. The next morning was a little different – he didn’t want his breakfast that he once loved. He was tired and his foster mom knew it was time. Goodbyes were shared with him by his friends that welcomed him only three weeks earlier. Terry left his ranch with a car ride, which he had always loved so much. He left this world peacefully with his head in his foster mom’s lap while she brushed him.
He leaves behind his good friend Star the horse, his canine friends at the ranch, the volunteers that fought so hard and refused to give up, his friends and followers on social media that donated to his care and rooted for him all along, and his foster mom that is missing her “Mr. Grumps”, the broken senior that she had put back together.
May he find the peace and comfort this world so deeply robbed him of. Our hope is that he only takes with him the love he had known for the last 3 weeks. Please keep his foster mom, Star the horse, his canine friends, and the volunteers that gave their all in your thoughts as they grieve his loss. His ashes will be returned to his foster mom – he will go back home to the ranch and all of his friends that made him so very happy.

7/15/22 – Forever Foster
Terry has arrived at his temporary foster home. We didn’t get the news we had hoped for at the emergency vet. Terry has liver cancer, a huge perianal hernia (from never being neutered), and several tick borne diseases. He is anemic and severely dehydrated. Terry’s abdomen held over a liter of fluid from the cancer. The specialist drained the fluid, offering Terry some much needed relief. His advanced cancer, poor body condition, and estimated age of 10 years leaves us very few options. The specialist believes that chemotherapy would be futile at this point and surgery is not an option for him. After much discussion with his veterinary team, the best course of action for Terry is palliative care. He will begin a regime of medications to help his body that is no longer serving him. Terry is happy at his foster home. He loves his foster mom and has friends on the ranch, which include other dogs and horses. Terry is eating well and he enjoys snacks and treats of all kinds. He does laps through the barns a few times a day. His plans to travel to New York have been cancelled – it would not be fair to him. Terry’s foster mom has agreed to let him live happily on her ranch. Thank you to everyone that has supported Terry’s plea. With your help, he will continue to be under the care of a team of veterinary specialists. We have a special thanks to his foster mom who was just supposed to be caring for him for a few days and who has opened her heart to an older gentleman that has suffered way too long.

Terry will be arriving to JFK airport in New York from Mexico. He really needs a foster home to welcome him. Terry would love a place to rest, enjoy balanced meals, and feel safe. He has been living on the streets and is exhausted. Terry is dog friendly and crate trained. He is a quiet gentleman estimated to be around 10 years of age.