Status: Available

Gender: Male

State: New York

FA #: 1

Tag #: 00150

Age: 3 years

Date of Birth: (Birthday unknown)

Weight: 50 lbs

Hair Color: White

Ears: Natural ears

Tail: Docked tail

Reported Good With:

Kids Age Range: No Kids

Smudge wonders if he will ever find another safe, secure home that is willing to put the effort into teaching him, training him, and making concessions for what he has been through. Smudge has been bounced from home to home and different environments. Can you imagine what this does to his confidence and ability to trust? Smudge has limited time left in his current foster home that has helped him tremendously. He needs an adult only home willing to understand his very specific needs. Smudge bonds quickly to his family and he does not welcome outsiders. He would need to be crated when guests come over. A six foot fenced in yard is also needed as Smudge does not like the sights or sounds of other dogs or cats. We have nowhere for Smudge to go – boarding is NOT an option as he self mutilates. All Smudge needs is a home committed to keeping him safe from making the wrong decisions and a home willing to accept his undying love and devotion. Smudge needs help and we have to believe his home is out there. His life depends on it.

Smudge is still in need of a very special home to help him. He needs a quiet, adult only, low traffic home without other dogs. Smudge bonds quickly with his immediate family and is not welcoming to anyone new coming to the home. He faces going back to the boarding kennel, which would be quite traumatic for him. The last time he was in boarding, Smudge began to self-mutilate. He loves going for car rides, hiking, jogging, playing with squeaky toys, and most of all – being at home around those he loves. Please consider helping Smudge.

Smudge is continuing to do well in his foster home, but his time is limited there. He is extremely loyal and loving to his immediate family. Smudge does not welcome strangers to the home as he is protective.  When guests come to the home, Smudge needs to be crated. With his immediate family, he has tons of love to give. He is happiest curled up in your lap. He wants to be by your side, all day every day, a loyal companion. He does not enjoy being left alone for long periods of time, but with a bit of frozen peanut butter in a kong – he can be entertained for awhile. Smudge enjoys being active and going for long walks, hikes, and runs. He doesn’t have any experience with children. We would recommend a low traffic, adult only home. Because of his need to be with his family and fear of strangers, a single or couple who works from home and who doesn’t have guests over frequently would be an ideal home for Smudge.

Smudge is now in a foster home with people who wanted to make a difference in his life. His foster family is allowing Smudge the time and space he needs to settle in. They are giving him structure and leadership. We will post updates as they get to know Smudge better.

Smudge is still in boarding. All of our foster homes are full and can not accommodate Smudge as he prefers to be the only pet in the home. Smudge walks well on leash and has excellent manners in the home. He would really love a family of his own. Smudge is a loving, loyal companion who is going to make his family happy.

Smudge has been returned to rescue as his home was not committed to meeting his needs. He is a good and obedient boy who is looking for a home with a fenced yard. Smudge needs a home that can provide leadership and structure. He would do best in a home without children. Smudge is not only adorable, but he is a loving and loyal companion!


2/6/21 – Adopted

Meet Smudge!! This adorable face is 3 years old and extremely loving. He may do best in a home with no other dogs, as he is quite timid. Smudge is extremely loving, extremely cute, and would love to be your best friend.

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