Status: Adopted

Gender: Male

State: Maryland

FA #: 11

Tag #: 4254

Age: 2-3 years

Date of Birth: (Birthday unknown)

Weight: 64 lbs

Hair Color: Fawn

Ears: Natural ears

Tail: Natural tail

Reported Good With:

Kids Age Range: Kids 8 and older

Rocky continues to do well in his foster home. He loves his walks and playtime in the backyard. As the weather gets nicer, he likes to be outside more – sunning himself on the deck, chasing the squirrels, and playing with his sticks. Rocky has made great progress with his training and is looking for a home to continue this. He can sit, down, stay, give his paw, and walk in heel rather well. He goes into his crate on command. Rocky is also a great snuggler! He is looking for a forever home where he can be your only pet. If you are a match for Rocky, apply today. This sweet boy has been waiting almost a year and is ready for his chance at a forever home.

Rocky has been in his foster home since early November and he has made a lot of progress. Rocky is doing well in his crate when left alone. He has filled out and you can no longer see his ribs and spine. Rocky could use just a few more pounds. His training is coming along nicely. Rocky walks well on the leash with a gentle leader and is learning to sit when you stop and walk by your side. Regular walks in the neighborhood have made him more comfortable around people, noises, and vehicles. He can now walk by dogs and ignore them. Rocky did very well meeting his foster mom’s family over the holiday. He needs to be kept on leash when people first come into the home, but once the visitor has greeted him – Rocky can be released to wander. The whole process only takes five minutes. Rocky wants to be social, but he has some fears to overcome. He would do best in a home without other pets. Rocky is a very smart boy who needs continues training. He is looking for an experienced home that is willing to provide structure and can continue the great work his foster home is doing with Rocky.

Rocky is sadly back at the kennel again because his last foster placement was not the best match. Rocky would do best as an only dog at this time until we are better able to evaluate him around others. He should not be placed with cats. Rocky can get reactive on leash and would do best in a quiet setting without a lot of people coming and going. He should also have a securely fenced yard. Rocky’s temporary foster wants everyone to know that he has a lot of positive qualities. Rocky is super sweet and very well behaved in the house. He is well mannered with his food, treats, and toys. Rocky listens well and knows his basic commands. Please help us get Rocky out of boarding and back into a home. A kennel is not the place for a young boy to live. Rocky is currently located in Maryland, but can be transported to an approved foster home in AABR’s area.

Rocky was able to get out of the kennel and spend some much needed time with a volunteer for the week. In the few days he was there, Rocky quickly learned what the good life is all about. He has mastered his basic commands and is very proud to show them off. Rocky knows sit, stay, down & best of all knuckles (yes that is different than just paw). He is super smart. Rocky is house trained and doing much better in the crate. He does need a mid day potty break. Rocky loves toys and will fetch balls all day long if you let him (and he actually brings the ball back to you). Rocky also loves going for car rides. Rocky doesn’t want to spend any more time in the boarding facility. Within 24 hours of being back in a home, his diarrhea completely cleared up. The kennel is a very stressful place and Rocky is not doing well there. He is a special boy and needs a hero to help him live his life to the fullest. Rocky did live with another dog in the past, but he would thrive being in an only pet home. Rocky is the best snuggling dog. He is like the class clown and he has lots of personality. If you can provide a foster or forever home to Rocky, apply today!

Rocky is hoping someone will give him a chance. He was confused when his owner didn’t return home and Rocky had to go to the shelter. Rocky was then given a new chance through rescue, but was taken to the boarding kennel because of the foster home’s long work hours. Rocky is depressed and not eating well in boarding. It has been a month and Rocky would love to get back into a home. He would do best with a securely fenced yard outside of the city. Rocky needs a mid day break and somebody who will be patient with him. He is an energetic, young 2 yr old boy. Rocky does well on leash and rides great in the car. He is just waiting for somebody to offer him a foster or forever home, which will make a huge difference for this sweet boy.

Rocky was taken to our boarding kennel a week ago because his foster home was working long hours and could not let him out during the day. Rocky is in urgent need of a new foster placement. He would do best in a home outside of the city and with a securely fenced yard. This energetic and playful boy has been through a lot of changes in the last couple months. He is looking for some stability and a patient home willing to work with him. Rocky is crate trained, but would prefer a home where he is not alone all day. Please offer to help get Rocky out of the kennel and back into a home environment.

Rocky is doing great in his current foster home. He is doing much better with being crated when left alone and enjoys his stuffed Kong. Rocky is very energetic and loves to follow his foster dad around. He enjoys playing tug of war and chasing a tennis ball. Rocky does well on walks and rides great in the car. He definitely needs a fenced yard in his new home. Rocky is a really fun dog with a great personality. His current foster placement is going out of town on July 20th. Rocky will need a new foster placement at that time so he doesn’t have to be boarded. We would love even more to find him a forever home by then so he can get settled with a new family. Apply today if you are interested in adopting Rocky!

Rocky was surrendered to the shelter with another dog when his owner went to prison. The shelter estimated him to be around 2-3 yrs old and indicated that Rocky is a sweet boy who did well with his dog evaluation. Rocky initially went to a foster home in the city, but he struggled in that environment. He is now in a quieter setting with a fenced yard and is doing much better. Rocky does bark in his crate, so would do best in a home that can be with him more often during the day to help him adjust. We will update Rocky’s page as his foster dad learns more about him.