Precious (Memorial)


Status: Memorial

Gender: Female

State: Virginia

FA #: 11

Tag #:

Age: 7-8 years

Date of Birth:


Hair Color: Fawn

Ears: Natural ears

Tail: Natural tail

Reported Good With: Children Under 12, Male Dogs

Kids Age Range: Kids 5 and older

9/12/22 – Memorial
Precious was surrendered to a vet’s office in West Virginia after receiving a severe neck injury from being attacked by another dog. She was boarded at the vet’s office for three weeks and was then sent on a transport to join AABR. When our volunteers met Precious on the transport, we immediately knew something was very wrong. Precious was very weak and was struggling to breathe. She was thin and had an extremely large lump on her neck and a smaller lump on her abdomen. Precious arrived at her new foster home in Virginia, where she received a lot of love from her foster family while we arranged a visit to our emergency vet. Sadly, the xrays at the ER hospital revealed that her lungs were full of tumors, which is why she was struggling to breathe. The lumps on her body were cancer and had already metastasized. The kindest thing we could do was to let her pass with her foster mom by her side. We were all very saddened that this sweet girl did not have more time once she finally arrived in rescue. She was very loved and spoiled during the short time she spent with her foster home. Rest in peace, Precious. We were all hoping we could give you a second chance.