Status: Available

Gender: Female

State: Virginia

FA #:

Tag #: 000828

Age: 8yrs

Date of Birth:


Hair Color: Fawn

Ears: Natural ears

Tail: Docked tail

Reported Good With: Children Under 12, Children 12 & Older, Male Dogs

Requires: A physical fence

Kids Age Range: Kids 8 and older

Update 07/01/24
Peanut is one of the sweetest and easiest fosters I’ve ever had. She loves all people and all my dogs. She adjusted quickly to the routine of the house. Her foster dad is by far her favorite. She sleeps through the night in our room in a XXL crate and snores very lightly.

She is not a fan of a car. She’ll go as close as 6 feet and then puts on the brakes, even for baked chicken. Once it gets cooler, we will take one of our dogs outside and work with her on that.

There is no food she doesn’t like. She was hesitant with banana, but after a few days of watching the other dogs, she decided it was editable and probably tasty.

She makes cute sounds and barks when her breakfast and dinner are being prepared.

She thinks she’s a lap dog and if there is an empty lap, she’s in it! She’s learning the dog steps so she can sit on the couch and ottoman for more lap time. 😀

Peanut found herself at a very high kill, over capacity shelter. A sweet, spunky senior with a funny personality. Currently sharing a foster setting with two other dogs. She’s a very well-behaved little girl who loves to eat run her yard play with stuff and take naps. She’s everything we love about senior Boxers and more.

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