Lana (Give a Dog a Name)


Status: Adopted

Gender: Female

State: Virginia

FA #: 11

Tag #: 000689

Age: 7 weeks

Date of Birth: 6/03/23

Weight: 7.8 lbs

Hair Color: Fawn

Ears: Natural ears

Tail: Natural tail

Reported Good With: Children Under 12, Children 12 & Older, Male Dogs

Kids Age Range: Kids All Ages

Message for “Name a Dog” donation:
Lana was my very first boxer and she brought nothing but pure joy and comfort into my home. Her name legacy should live on through beautiful rescue boxers that have a chance to pass that same kind of joy and comfort into someone’s home.
– Maria Palmato

A shelter in WV has seized over thirty dogs from a breeder who became overwhelmed and was not properly caring for them. AABR was made aware of a litter of six week old puppies who were struggling in the shelter. Three had passed away from their poor condition. We were able to transport all five remaining puppies into foster homes last weekend. They are very undernourished and are being treated for Demodex mange, Coccidia, Giardia, and hookworms. Lana (donated name) is one of the female puppies and she is thriving in her foster home. Because these puppies were separated early from their mother, they will only be considered in homes with resident dogs to help with their continued socialization. A puppy this age will need an adopter home often enough to work on housebreaking and training. Lana will be available for adoption this weekend once she is 8 weeks old.