Judi (Give a Dog a Name)


Status: Adopted

Gender: Female

State: Maryland

FA #: 11

Tag #: 00691

Age: 7 months

Date of Birth: 3/25/2023

Weight: 34 lbs

Hair Color: Fawn

Ears: Natural ears

Tail: Natural tail

Reported Good With: Male Dogs

Kids Age Range: Kids 10 and older

Message for “Name a Dog” donation:
In honor of my mother and mother in law
– Pam Rowlands

Judi is part of the seizure of 30 dogs from a home in West Virginia. Her previous owner is facing animal cruelty charges after the dogs were found to be living in deplorable conditions with bags of trash, bags of clothing, and dog feces and urine all over the house. Many of the dogs did not have access to food or water, or were found with corn as their primary food. Several of the dogs that were not kept in crates had resorted to eating the drywall. All of the puppies and adult dogs were weak and underweight when they arrived at the shelter. They were infested with fleas and parasites. Many of them had open sores and terrible skin conditions. AABR was able to take 10 of these boxers and boxer mixes into our care. We have worked hard to bring them all back to good health. Judi has now been spayed and she is up to date on all vet care. She needs a home that can continue to provide socialization and training. Judi would do best with older kids or an adult home as she can be timid and nervous with younger children. Judi loves her crate and sees it as her safe place.  She is a high energy girl who needs an active family and a securely fenced yard.  Judi would do best with a younger dog to play and bond with.  She has been through a lot in her past and is making progress with time and patience in her foster home.  If you can continue to work with this adorable girl and provide her with a forever home of her own, apply today for Judi.


Judi is an energetic 5 month old puppy who is still waiting for a forever home. She loves to be with her people and she really enjoys playing with other dogs. She can be placed as an only dog if her adopter can continue to provide a lot of socialization and play dates with other dogs. Judi would also do great in a home with a male dog companion. Judi is currently in a foster home with five other dogs, children, and cats. She will need somebody home during the day to continue to work on her housetraining. Judi is scheduled to be spayed this week and then she will be up to date on all vet care.  If you have the time and patience for a puppy, apply today to give Judi a home of her own!


Judi is settling in well in her foster home. She is a very sweet and energetic boxer mix puppy. Judi loves people and other dogs. She would enjoy having a dog or two in her forever home to play and socialize with. If you can give a forever home to this adorable 5 month old puppy, apply today for Judi.


A shelter in West Virginia seized over thirty dogs from a breeder who became overwhelmed and was not properly caring for them. AABR had already transported a mom and five puppies into rescue several weeks ago. We were able to get four additional 4 month old puppies out of the shelter and into foster homes in Maryland this weekend. All of the dogs are being seen at the vet and treated for their past neglect and lack of vet care. Judi (donated name) is a sweet and gentle boxer mix puppy.   She is now in a foster home with three other dogs.  Judi will see a vet for the first time this evening. She is enjoying life inside a loving home and will be ready soon for a forever family. Judi would love a home with a male dog to help her continue to socialize and acclimate in a home setting. She will need someone home enough to work on her housebreaking and training. If your home is a match for a puppy this age, apply today for Judi!