Status: Adopted

Gender: Male

State: Washington DC

FA #: 11

Tag #: 00044

Age: 1 year

Date of Birth:

Weight: 64 lbs

Hair Color: Fawn

Ears: Natural ears

Tail: Docked tail

Reported Good With:

Kids Age Range: No Kids

We have been able to make temporary arrangements for Jett, but he is still in urgent need of a new foster home or adopter. Jett struggles in boarding, but this will be his only option. Jett has spent a couple weeks in a temporary foster home and has shown how much progress he can make in the right environment outside of the city. Jett would do best with a fenced yard because of his reactivity to other dogs on leash. He does need a placement without children and with someone home often. Jett would do best as an only dog.  He is an extremely sweet boy with a lot of potential in the right home.  Apply today if you can meet Jett’s needs.

Jett is in urgent need of a new foster home. He is losing his current foster placement in three weeks and he will have nowhere to go. Jett does not handle boarding well, so that is not an option for him. We are willing to provide training support for Jett, but he must have a committed foster to be able to put that in place. Jett would do best in a quiet home outside of the city without children or other animals. Because of his anxiety, he needs someone who is there for the majority of the day. Jett would do best with a fenced yard because of his reactivity on leash. We know these restrictions will make it much more difficult to find a placement for Jett, but we are hoping somebody will see his plea and be willing to help. Jett is an extremely sweet and loyal boy who just needs training and consistency. Please help us help Jett!

Jett is still looking for his forever family! He has been a very sweet and loyal boy with his foster family for the past 4 months, but he is eagerly awaiting a permanent home where he can finally settle in for good. Jett is a very energetic 1 year old boy who would fit in best with a family having no children or other pets. He would love to have a securely fenced yard and a home outside of the city environment. Jett needs a home where somebody can be with him most of the day. He is currently located in Washington DC. His foster family will only be able to keep him until April, so we are hoping this boy can find either a new foster placement or better yet, a forever home to settle into soon!

Jett is still looking for the right family to adopt him. He loves to cuddle with his foster parents and to play with his foster sister (a female boxer), but Jett has struggled to socialize properly with other dogs upon meeting them. If placed in a home with a female dog, Jett will need to be handled carefully when being introduced. He loves to play, but can get a little rough and he doesn’t always mind his manners – so the female will need to be very confident and able to match his rowdy style of play. Jett tends to get very anxious when left alone for any amount of time and he is used to someone being home with him during the day. Jett would do best with a family committed to giving him structure and rules in his new home, as well as lots of love and snuggles. A fenced in yard would be great for Jett as he loves spending time outside. Jett tends to think he is quite a bit smaller than he actually is, and his favorite spot is usually on your lap!

While we have received a lot of inquiries about Jett, we haven’t received an application yet for a home that meets his needs. This adorable one year old boy is still waiting for his forever family to find him. Because of his anxiety, Jett needs a home with an adopter who is home most of the time. When his foster sister is with him, Jett can be left alone without issues for several hours. Jett was never properly socialized and he has no experience with younger children. He would do best in a forever home in a less urban setting and with a fenced yard. The constant noises and foot traffic in his city foster home are contributing to his anxiety. Jett is a very sweet boy who just needs an experienced adopter with patience and who will give him time to settle in. Jett has never met a human he does not love and he has been an extremely loyal boy in his foster home. If you can meet Jett’s needs, apply today!

Please welcome 11 month old Jett into rescue! He was surrendered to AABR due to his owner’s health issues. Jett previously lived with children and other dogs. He does not do well with cats. Jett just arrived at his new foster home in Washington DC. He is getting along great with his new foster sister, a young female boxer. Jett has been experiencing a lot of anxiety with all the new changes in his life. He is very nervous when left alone, so would do best with a family where somebody is there the majority of the day. Jett knows his basic commands and he is completely housebroken. If you are interested in giving Jett a forever home, apply today!