Status: No Longer Accepting Apps

Gender: Male

State: Pennsylvania

FA #:

Tag #: 000921

Age: 5 years old

Date of Birth: 05/19/2018

Weight: 70 lbs

Hair Color: Brindle and White

Ears: Natural ears

Tail: Docked tail

Reported Good With: Children Under 12, Children 12 & Older, Female Dogs

Requires: A physical fence

Kids Age Range: Kids 10 and older

JayJ is crate trained and housebroken. He can go with a female or as an only. Since he has lived on a mill his whole life a home with older children would be best. Is being foster in Lancaster County.

JayJ is no longer the stud of the mill. He is looking forward to a family of his own. He is good with kids and female dogs. He has no cat history.

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