Gia (Give a Dog a Name)


Status: Adopted

Gender: Female

State: Maryland

FA #: 11

Tag #: 00692

Age: 9 months

Date of Birth: 3/25/2023

Weight: 40 lbs

Hair Color: Fawn

Ears: Natural ears

Tail: Natural tail

Reported Good With: Male Dogs

Kids Age Range: Kids 5 and older

Message for “Name a Dog” donation:
Thank you, Linda Stanley, for giving Gia her name.

Gia continues to do really well at her foster home and she loves her fur-siblings. She also met a family member’s dog over Christmas (a chocolate lab) and became fast friends with him. Gia really enjoys playing with her toys and she trots all over the house with them.  She has been learning to give kisses and Gia enjoys snuggling with her humans.  She has come so far since her arrival in rescue five months ago. Gia is ready for a family of her own.


Gia has been patiently waiting for a family to choose her. She is now 8 months old and has been waiting in foster for the past four months. Her foster mom wanted to share that Gia is thriving now and her personality is really shining through. Gia is still spunky and she keeps her foster mom laughing every day. Gia would do best in a home with a fenced yard and at least one other dog in the home. Her foster mom has been working very hard to socialize Gia and help her learn that people can be trusted. She has been to the brewery a couple times and even had the chance to ride in a parade last month.  At the brewery, Gia was really curious about all the other dogs and she was very accepting of all the children wanting to pet her. Gia loves her tennis ball and really enjoys having a yard for zoomies. She is going longer between potty breaks during the day and Gia now goes to the door when she has to go out. Her foster mom indicates that she really is a wonderful girl – she is hoping somebody else will also see that and submit an application for Gia.  This girl had a really rough beginning, but she is putting that all behind her.  Gia is going to be a wonderful addition to a lucky family!


Gia is part of the seizure of 30 dogs from a home in West Virginia. Her previous owner is facing animal cruelty charges after the dogs were found to be living in deplorable conditions with bags of trash, bags of clothing, and dog feces and urine all over the house. Many of the dogs did not have access to food or water, or were found with corn as their primary food. Several of the dogs that were not kept in crates had resorted to eating the drywall. All of the puppies and adult dogs were weak and underweight when they arrived at the shelter. They were infested with fleas and parasites. Many of them had open sores and terrible skin conditions. AABR was able to take 10 of these boxers and boxer mixes into our care. We have worked hard to bring them all back to good health. Gia has made tremendous progress since her arrival at her foster home. Her missing patches of fur have completely grown back in. Gia is now spayed and up to date on all vet care. She is really starting to enjoy a life of being loved and cared for. Gia is also being provided that important socialization that she was lacking in her original home. She is currently in foster with three other dogs and Gia is learning a lot from them. She enjoys playing with them and Gia has been showing off her zoomies daily. We would love to see Gia placed in a home with one or more resident dogs that can handle her puppy energy. She would also benefit from a securely fenced yard to run and play in. Her foster mom reports that Gia has a great personality – she gets along with everyone and everything. Gia loves her crate and sees it as her safe space. She will go into her crate on command when her foster mom leaves the house. This spunky girl is ready to move on to a forever home of her own. If you have the time to work with a puppy this age, apply today for Gia! She is going to make a wonderful addition to a lucky family.



Gia is an energetic 5 month old puppy who is still waiting for her forever home. She is in foster with three other dogs and Gia would love to have at least one dog companion in her new home. She will need an adopter who is home enough to continue to work on her housetraining. She is now sleeping through the night, but needs to go out frequently during the day. Gia is a little hesitant in new places, but she warms up quickly once she gets some love and attention. She was a huge hit at a baseball game and the brewery over the weekend. Gia has done wonderful with all the adults and children she has met so far.  She was recently spayed and has recovered nicely. Gia is now up to date on all vet care and her skin is continuing to improve from the previous neglect she suffered. If your home is a good match for Gia. apply today for this sweet puppy!


Gia is doing great in her foster home with three other dogs. She is a spunky girl who enjoys playing with her foster siblings. Gia is working on her potty training.  She will need an adopter home enough to continue working with her.  Gia loves having a fenced yard to run around in and chase her tennis ball. She has had a lot of interactions with people and Gia loves everyone she meets. If you are interested in adopting this adorable 5 month old girl, apply today for Gia!


A shelter in West Virginia seized over thirty dogs from a breeder who became overwhelmed and was not properly caring for them. AABR had already transported a mom and five puppies into rescue several weeks ago. We were able to get four additional 4 month old puppies out of the shelter and into foster homes in Maryland this weekend. All of the dogs are being seen at the vet and treated for their past neglect and lack of vet care. Gia (donated name) is now in a foster home with three other dogs. She has been bathed, had her nails trimmed, and will see a vet for the first time this week. Her foster mom indicates that Gia is a quick learner and she is doing well with her housetraining. Gia is enjoying life inside a loving home and will be ready soon for a forever family. She would love a home with a male dog to help her continue to socialize and acclimate in a home setting. Gia will need someone home enough to work on her housebreaking and training. If your home is a match for a puppy this age, apply today for Gia!