Status: Available

Gender: Female

State: Pennsylvania

FA #:

Tag #:

Age: 1 year old

Date of Birth:


Hair Color: Fawn

Ears: Natural ears

Tail: Docked tail

Reported Good With: Children Under 12, Children 12 & Older, Cats


Kids Age Range: Kids 8 and older

Update 07/06/24

Cinnamon is a 1 yr old female whose owner died. She is located outside of Philadelphia. She is fine with older kids . She would be best as an only dog at this time. She recently had a litter . It’s been a rough first year of life for Cinnamon. At 1 year of age she’s been through a lot. She needs a stable, committed home to give her a break and just be a dog.

Meet Cinnamon!

Cinnamon is not just your average Boxer; she’s a sweet 1-year-old with a heart of gold and a tale as heartwarming as her name suggests. Resilient and loving, Cinnamon’s journey has been one of challenges and triumphs, and now she’s ready to find her forever home.

Originally belonging to a beloved family member who passed away, Cinnamon found herself in new surroundings and unexpected circumstances. Despite the turbulence, she embraced motherhood with grace, nurturing a litter of 10 puppies with unwavering dedication. Now, as her pups grow independent, Cinnamon is seeking a place to call her own.

This special girl has a few preferences of her own. While she adores human companionship and thrives on love and attention, she prefers to be the sole apple of your eye. In a one-dog household, Cinnamon shines brightest, reveling in the spotlight as the center of your world. But she loves cats.

Despite her initial adjustments to urban living, Cinnamon has adapted remarkably well. Leash-trained and eager to please, she’s mastered basic commands with ease and delights in showing off her skills for a tasty treat or a gentle pat on the head.

While she may raise her voice to protect her home, rest assured, Cinnamon’s bark is worse than her bite. Quick to warm up to new faces, she’s a social butterfly at heart, welcoming visitors with wagging tails and affectionate nudges.

If you’re ready to open your heart and home to a devoted Boxer companion, Cinnamon is waiting to meet you. With her loyal spirit and affectionate nature, she promises to be the perfect addition to a loving one-dog family.

Don’t miss out on the chance to make Cinnamon’s dreams of a forever home come true. Adopt her today and embark on a journey filled with love, loyalty, and endless cuddles.

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