Status: Available

Gender: Male

State: Maryland

FA #: 11

Tag #: 4126

Age: 3 years

Date of Birth: (Birthday unknown)

Weight: 60 lbs

Hair Color: Fawn

Ears: Natural ears

Tail: Natural tail

Reported Good With:

Kids Age Range: Kids All Ages


Bruiser has arrived at his new foster home and is happy to be out of the kennel. He follows his foster mom all over the house and enjoys playing with squeaky toys. Bruiser is a gentle soul who would love nothing more than to hang out on the couch all day. He also loves to sunbathe when you are working outside. Bruiser is very respectful of an invisible fence. Although he has lived with another dog in the past, we feel Bruiser’s ideal home right now would be as an only dog.


Bruiser has lost everything he has known and is now sadly sitting in a boarding kennel. We have not been able to find a foster home and are hoping someone will step up soon to be his hero. Bruiser is a sweet boy and loves people. He is great with children of all ages. Bruiser walks well on leash and lived with a husky for the past two years. He does well in a crate when left alone. If you can help us get this boy out of the kennel, apply today to foster or adopt Bruiser.


Bruiser was adopted two years ago, but is being returned to rescue through no fault of his own. His adopter has fallen on some hard times and has asked AABR to rehome Bruiser. He is now 3 yrs old and has been living with another dog. Bruiser is wonderful with children of all ages. This sweet and loving boy is in need of a foster home. Bruiser is used to being crated when left alone. He would love a home where he isn’t alone for long hours. Apply today if you can help Bruiser.

4/03/18 – Adopted


Bruiser has been in foster for two months now and he has made a lot of progress. He now gets along well with both of his foster siblings, male and female. Bruiser is housebroken when you are home with him. He does require at least a midday break and would love a home where somebody is there often. Bruiser is very loving with his foster parents and has been enjoying the comforts of being in a home environment.  You can often find him curled up on the couch.


Bruiser was seized from his home as part of a cruelty case. He was chained outside and tangled up with another dog. Bruiser could not get in his dog house and there was no food or water available.  Once seized, the shelter reached out to rescue for help.  They reported Bruiser was very shy and fearful, but still sweet with people.  He did well with both other dogs and also with cats on his evaluations at the shelter.   Bruiser was neutered and brought up to date on all vet care.

When the volunteer from the shelter was transporting him, Bruiser escaped from the car.  He was not trusting enough of people to be able to be caught.   A volunteer from AABR spent the next day tracking Bruiser with the assistance of two local rescue groups. They were finally able to catch Bruiser in a trap and he was immediately transported to his foster home. Bruiser is now living with two other dogs, a male and a female. Because of his recent escape and his tendency to bolt, a fenced yard will be a requirement for Bruiser’s new home.  He needs an experienced adopter who can help Bruiser continue to overcome his past.  Bruiser will need work with his socialization and with learning the routines of a home. Bruiser’s foster family will provide an update once they get to know him better.