Status: Adopted

Gender: Male

State: New York

FA #:

Tag #: 000537

Age: 2 years old

Date of Birth:

Weight: 70 lbs

Hair Color: Fawn

Ears: Natural ears

Tail: Docked tail

Reported Good With: Female Dogs

Kids Age Range: Unknown at this time

Bowser is now in foster and he is doing well.  Kindness and family life is all new to him. We have found that Bowser is a gentle guy that loves people.


Bowser was recently freed from an Amish mill at only 2 years old.  He was nearly euthanized today because Bowser had a seizure.  There was no effort by the mill to investigate or resolve his problem because Bowser was no longer useful to them.  Luckily, AABR heard about Bowser and he was transported to our specialist, where he will receive the care he has been deprived of for the past two years.  Bowser will need a foster home as soon as possible to recover in and to learn how to be a dog.  He was very sweet with the volunteers who interacted with him.